Casting Service

We are capable of casting and die-casting iron and aluminum products for our customers.

Process Material Capability
Casting Grey Iron: HT150, HT200, HT250, HT300 SG Iron: QT400-18, QT400-15, QT450-10, QT500-7, QT600-3, QT700-2

Steel: ZG200-400, ZG230-450, ZG270-500, ZG310-570, ZG340-640

Die Casting Alloy suitable for High-pressure die cast, such as ADC12, A356, etc Die-casting Machines(250T-800T)
Machining Iron, Steel, Alloy, Stainless Steel Brother & DMG Machining Centers Four-axis, Five-axis CNC, Honing Machines
Surface Treatment Iron, Steel, Alloy, Stainless Steel Painting, Electrophoresis, Electro-plating
Mould Workshop Iron, Steel, Alloy, Stainless Steel Developing mould on site


– Iron Casting Equipmenta

– Alloy Die-casting Equipment

Full Servo Die-casting Machine Quantity
250T 1
280T 1
400T 3
500T 1
800T 1

– Machining Equipment

– Mould Workshop

Machining Centers, Omiron Electrospark…
Fully Control of Quality
Efficient Development Process

Iron Casting Capacity Status

Quality Assurance

– Machining Equipment

– Control Systerm

Technical Documents


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